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Eleuthera Grocery Stores

Governors Harbour
Governors Harbour Eleuthera is located about 6 - 7 miles from Sunrise Villa. It has a main grocery on your left as you enter town coming from the airport. There are several other grocery stores in town as well as 2 liquor stores. The liquor stores also sell wine & beer. There are also 2 Banks and an ATM machine right across from the Police Station. The telephone office is located on top of the hill this is where you can add money to your long distance phone card.

Palmetto Point
Palmetto Point has 2 main grocery stores Millard's is about 1-1/2 mile from Sunrise Villa. At Millard's you can get most items you need and they are open Sunday morning for your convenience. Just a little farther away in Palmetto Point you will find Sands Enterprise's Grocery store. They also have a dry goods store across the road.
Also in Palmetto Point you can get fresh vegetables directly from the farm at  Island Farm.

Rock Sound
Rock Sound is about a 40 minute drive down the island south from Palmetto Point There you will find a really good grocery store almost equal to what you would find in the US. It's located in the main plaza on your right as you enter town. There is also a liquor store in the plaza as well that also sells wine and beer. There is a hardware store in the plaza that sells fishing, hand lines, hooks & sinkers.

Fresh fish
Tarpum bay
You can buy fresh caught fish, lobster or conch on Eleuthera but not in any grocery store. If you wish to buy fresh fish, lobster or conch in season go to the docks in Tarpum Bay around 3:00 pm. in the afternoon if you are in luck you will find the boats have come in and the fishermen will be cleaning their fish, conch or lobster on tables set up on the docks. You can pick out your fish, lobster or conch and negotiate your purchase right there on the spot then take home your purchase in time for dinner.

Kingsley Sands
You can also sometimes purchase fish from Kingsley Sands. Kingsley is a farmer and a commercial fisherman. If the weather is good for fishing he will have fish for sale. When he gets home with fish they are cleaned and put in his freezer right away. If you want fish from Kingsley or if you want bait so you can fish yourself let him know in advance so he can have it ready for you. If you want any information on the best way, or the best spot, to fish Kingsley is happy to give you information. Kingsley can be reached in the evenings at 242-332-1619
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