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Eleuthera Information

The Island named Freedom:
The island named Eleuthera is situated in the Bahamas. The word "Eleuthera" comes from the Greek word for freedom. This 110-mile-long island represents freedom for pretty much anyone who has ever visited the island. The inhabitants are some of the friendliest and most caring people on Earth. The trees on Eleuthera are untouched by companies who would make their money from cutting down trees. Fish and other sea creatures give up their own freedom for the survival of the inhabitants. Tourists come to Eleuthera to relax. Being such a small, sparsely populated island, Eleuthera is free of social expectations, pollution, and other contributing stress factors. To anyone who is used to a high-pressure lifestyle or harsh winters, the warm soft pink beaches, the graceful palms, and the beautiful ocean of Eleuthera represent true freedom.

Light house point
Light house point is on the extreme southern tip of the island of Eleuthera. From the early 1800s until the late 40s a Light house was operated there hence the name Light house point. The Light house has been abandoned for many years and the final portion of the road to it is almost un-passable by vehicle. In the early years of the 1800s there are stories that the residents of the area would occasionally move the light causing ships to break up on the rocks. They could then salvage the ships stores. Of course the light would be on at the Light house when it was all over and the locals never admitted to any wrong doing. However they did live very well for some time. (Or so the story goes) Some of our guests would never think of visiting Eleuthera without making a pilgrimage to "Light house point". Oh yes and don't forget your camera the old Light house is a treasure.
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Ocean Hole
You will find the Ocean Hole in Ocean Hole park in the middle of the town of Rock Sound. It's a hole like a big rock swimming pool in the park. Even though the nearest ocean is a mile in either direction the hole is filled with fresh appearing sea water and it ebbs and flows with the tide. The hole is also filled with fish that came from the sea. Oh yes and it's "no fishing allowed" at the ocean hole. You will definitely find it interesting.
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Glass Window
The Glass window is the narrowest point on the island of Eleuthera. The Atlantic water actually flows through to the Caribbean side. At one time a natural stone arch made a bridge across the top, a storm around the turn of the last century destroyed the natural stone arch which was replaced by a man made bridge. The artist Homer Winslow was impressed enough to do a painting and called his painting "The Glass Window". That's how the Glass window got it's name. The view at the glass window is spectacular and possibly a little scary but well worth stopping to look.
Jill Ward:
"One day we went sightseeing up to Glass Window Bridge (don't miss it!) and then found the Grotto and Hot Tubs about 500+ yards south of the bridge. (Drive south on Queen's Hwy. from the bridge over an incline and park at the bottom and walk out to the Atlantic.) The kids got a big kick out of the hot tubs". 
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Preacher's Cave

In 1647 a group that called themselves the "Eleutherian Adventurers" left Bermuda to find a place where they could practice religious freedom. They encountered a storm and the ship they were sailing in ran onto rocks which was later called the Devils Back Bone north of Spanish Wells.

The Adventurers lead by William Sayles found their way to shore and took refuge in what was later called Preacher's Cave. A religious service was held in Preacher's cave every year for the next 100 years on the anniversary of the day that God lead the adventurers to safety in what they believed to be the promised land.

Although they had shelter they had lost all their provisions and were unable to feed themselves. One of their members an expert sailor took a small boat and managed to make his way to boston, where he told of their plight and asked for help. The citizens of Boston sent all the supplies they needed. The Adventurers were able to start their new life in the place they christened Eleuthera from the Greek word meaning Freedom.

The Eleutherian people later repaid Boston by cutting the extremely valuable Braziletto wood and sent shiploads to Boston with the instructions to sell it and donate the proceeds to Harvard University. Thereby repaying Boston for their kindness.

The newly settled island of Eleuthera was the first island to be settled in the Bahamas. Later black people came to Eleuthera also seeking freedom. They were welcomed by the adventures and they all lived happily side by side for centuries. They intermarried and most of the Eleutherians you meet today are descendants of the original freedom seekers that started it all. Today tourists come to Eleuthera and feel the same warmth, acceptance and feeling of freedom that has been experienced on Eleuthera for many hundred years, since the day it all started at Preacher's Cave.

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